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I want to share something personal, because it may be important to you. We live in hard times, and we are bombarded with terrifying news every day. We grew up in a hostile environment, and most of us have unhealthy habits as a result.

Your mental health will degrade when you have no compensation to your exhausting daily life in this hostile society, especially when you are an autist with no connection to your own needs.

One of the most important lessions in my recent years is to differenciate activities into consumption and creating. Most of our hobbies are stuff like gaming, watching netflix (or wherever you weebs watch your chinese cartoons), shitpost online etc. 
All of these may provide fun, but do nothing for your mental health. Most of you will realise that all of your hobbies are just consumption. You should change that. That doesnt mean to abbandon all your hobbies, it just means find a new one in addition. You will lose interest in your old ones anyway.

Find a hobby that provides a mental health improvement. Its not always the first obvious one, its not about the easiest solution. I come from an arts background, so choosing writing or painting would be the obvious choice, but in the end it was gardening. Something i had no experience prior to.

I would like to hear your thoughts or your solutions.
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