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> The content was pretty explicit and easily illegal, 1-2 clicks through the followers of those soups and I quickly recognized a few familar (polish) anime avatar (TM) soup accounts. 
@naich and @machinae arent either polish nor nazis.

> I know of one case solely, the man behind the account here had little children himself and posted loli tendencies
totally soulds like one of our "polish nazis".

> more explicit stuff on other plattforms.He deactivted all of his social media and deleted the content. I don't know what exactly happened, but of course after the incident last year his soup is all here again.
So youre an investigator of polish nazi childporn networks? Because it sounds like youre a liar.

 > It is in any case not a nice experience, a good feeling or something the like to be part of a small community that is open for stating that certain types people as a collective should be killed and tortured or not be allowed to live in peace, 
... says mister "i would ban everyone i dont like or doesnt agree with me". fuck off, whiner. end it.

> just because someone is scared of breaking fReEdOm Of SpEecH.
yeah, who needs that anyway, lol.

> The public image is getting ruined
wow, unbelievable.are you in transformation yet? because it sounds like you have a vagina.

> become a hostile place (especially for minorities)
when you say minorities, do you mean your communist trans able fuckbuddy club or do you mean real niggers?

> A blocking feature will not solve this issue.
Exactly. You should peacefully sunset yourself.

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