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Imagine being raised normal, you make it into your 20s, everything is okay. A friend approaches you, he is noticable disturbed. He tells you a conspiracy theory you may or may not have heard before, allegedly happend, lets say, a generation ago, and there is, as usual for these conspiracy theories, a giant cover up.
You say its implausible that this could be real, just for the fact of how many people have to be involved in this cover up. Thousands of people, maybe tens of thousands. Politicians, Teachers, Journalists, everyone would be involved to some extend. Ridiculous!
You worry a little bit about your friend, he says he dont know what to believe anymore. You dont know what to say, the distance between you two grows.
He is uncomfortable. Maybe sad.

Who knows what the future holds for your friend. Maybe its just bullshit and he will realize that soon. Maybe he should get professional help to get out of whatever he is in right now.
But one thing is certain for you: Nothing happend at Tiananmen Square.

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